Manferdelli Had a Salad, I Had Meatloaf

I had a very pleasant lunch today in Reston with John Manferdelli, one of the engineering legends with whom I’m privileged to work at Microsoft.  (Check out this list, kind of my own corporate “bucket list” of people to meet and listen to).

John arrived in DC a couple of days ago; unlike mere mortals, he decided to spend a weekend day off visiting the University of Maryland Engineering  Library in the Math Building, and told me he’d found a fascinating book on random numbers….

John will be speaking at the DoDIIS annual conference next month, along with a couple of other good friends Jeff Jonas (IBM) and Brian Wilson (Sun).  While John and I spent lunch talking about other projects, we’ve arranged to speak again before his appearance, so that I can help him tailor his presentation for what DoDIIS engineers and users most need to hear.  I won’t be able to make it to the San Diego conference myself, since I am operating under my legal restriction of “no contact” with DIA and DoDIIS for my first year of post-employment.

Having played a significant role in shaping the last four annual conferences, I am happy now to have this tiny opportunity to introduce memes and themes from the outside 🙂

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