Deep Dive on AI and National Security

Although the day is very nearly sold-out, I’m told there’s a ticket or two still available for tomorrow’s Intelligence & National Security Summit “Classified Day,” the follow-on to last week’s multi-day unclassified sessions in DC. (For a good summary of last week see “Four Key Takeaways from the 2018 Intelligence and National Security Summit.”)

If you are able to make Wednesday’s session, at NGA Headquarters, you’ll see me interview Sue Gordon, Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence, one-on-one to kick off the TS/SCI day, followed by several in-depth threat briefs from the leadership of the National Intelligence Council.

inssBut – my favorite – you’ll get to hear a high-intelligence-wattage panel I’m moderating on “Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Machine Augmentation.” When we began planning that panel, I hoped to achieve representation from Academia’s research world, the Intelligence Community, DoD’s increasingly energetic AI sector, and from leading Industry – not a simple task given the classification level. Shockingly, we scored on all four corners of the national security landscape. Here’s that panel:

  • Matthew Gaston, Director, Emerging Technology Center, Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute (SEI)
  • Dean Souleles, Chief Technology Advisor, ODNI
  • Richard Linderman, Deputy Director of Research and Engineering for Information & Cyber Systems, DoD
  • Thomas Reed, Senior Director, Solution Architect, NVIDIA

Full agenda is here, and you can read here more about the Classified Day overall, including last-minute directions if you can make it and we still let you in!

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