Hot Election Results Here, and Here, and Here

Political junkies are drumming their fingers mid-day this Tuesday.  They’ve likely already voted, but have no access to exit-poll results until early evening.  Mashup maps of results from sites like Twitter, essentially self-selected and self-reported exit polls like this one at SetFive, or this one mapping general Twitter election buzz, are fun but wildly inaccurate as election tracks.

You can try to get your regular work done, as I’m sporadically attempting, but it’s tempting to waste your time surfing from site to site, as the London Times Online helpfully points to “the Top 25 sites for U.S. election obsessives.”  Huffington Post also has an election-freak’s treasure trove of links and feeds.

But the rubber meets the road in rolling fashion tonight, and if you’d like to get the actual numbers tonight as quickly as the talking heads are getting them, here are links to several battleground-state official sites for results in real time, along with poll-closing times. All times are Eastern Standard Time.

6:00 / 7:00 pm: Indiana
7:00 pm: Virginia
7:00 pm: Georgia
7:00 / 8:00 pm: Florida
7:30 pm: North Carolina
7:30 pm: Ohio
8:00 pm: Michigan
8:00 pm: Missouri
8:00 pm: Pennsylvania
9:00 pm: Colorado
9:00 pm: Minnesota
9:00 pm: New Mexico
10:00 pm: Iowa
10:00 pm: Nevada
11:00 pm: California (check those ballot propositions)
11:00 pm: Washington (many at Microsoft watching the big gubernatorial race)
1:00 am: Alaska (c’mon, you’ll still be up)

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