My latest Twitter fishwrap…

I think we’re all getting tired of reading these crappy little “tweets” from my twitter feed… I don’t use Twitter as obsessively and often as some, and seen on a regular page, in a format more suited to actual sentences, paragraphs, and developed arguments, they seem far too informal and decontextualized. So I’ll probably turn off the LoudTwitter service that pushes them here for republication.  I will keep using Twitter for its own sake & value, so feel free to follow me there at

In the meantime, for likely the last time in a while, here’s the last 24 hours of my Twitter posts syndicated to ShepherdsPi by LoudTwitter


01:02 Craig Mundie: on “the next big platform shift” = composite platform, unifying Internet + evolved client platform #

10:41 MS has a new unified view of its Cloud/hosted Software+Services solutions, not bad “Microsoft Online Services” #

2 Responses

  1. You could always create a “page” in your blog, being that you use wordpress and name that page twitter wrapup. And have your twitter syndicated to that page possibly? But that seems more duplication than it is worth.

    If I was going to twitter to a blog, either some sidebar action with most recent tweets or just a badge linking to your twitter from your blog.


  2. Sidebar’s the way to go, I think, setting that up now.


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