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11:43 watching Ron Paul question Ben Bernanke re the Great Depression; 2 guys who think they understand that better than anyone else, differently #

16:52 studying topo and other data layers for various GIS uses #

21:19  Just 13 minutes of Presidential reassurance & request….for $700 billion, to avert “long and painful recession”…Shouldn’t that rate more time? #

21:31 On YouTube, Coast Guard Commandant Thad Allen orders his entire service, especially leaders, to get into Web 2.0″ #


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2 Responses

  1. Please don’t be sucked into the vortex of Coast Guard spin on this subject. The two investigative and commentary blogs that led to Allen’s statement have the facts and the cover-up.


  2. Excellent – new media corrects the errors of new media. Otherwise you’re right, I would have simply read that item (which does read like a puffpiece press release) and accepted it at face value. Thanks for providing the other side.


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