Micro-Blog: My last 24 hours on Twitter…

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13:34 chuckling that on the last day of Beijing’s Olympics-based restrictions on driving, industry, pollution, it rained tinyurl.com/4ekqkt #

13:54 Might be more to these stories, Google “closing Arizona office” tinyurl.com/543kgy Also shut Denver, Dallas tinyurl.com/4422s9 #

14:39 Evil played Greater Evil yesterday, Evil won. In other words, Virginia Tech beat UNC, like a drum. As for UVa, um, tinyurl.com/52llxx #

14:43 Google’s own take on closing in Arizona – “engineering model failed,” work was “highly fragmented” ?? tinyurl.com/47kwb7 Hmmm… #


If you’re bored, you can follow me in real time at http://twitter.com/lewisshepherd.

2 Responses

  1. Lewis,

    You should reach out to Dana. Brilliant woman with a global following in the social software arena. Don’ t know how closely tied your outfit is with the Boston contingent, but it would be worth your wild.



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