Micro-Blog: My last 24 hours on Twitter…

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19:33 Google, Microsoft, and Medical Research: Fact: Two stark numbers are published today about Google c.. tinyurl.com/4oyxd7 #

00:16 just did speed-read of about 30 most salient articles, several polling pieces on realclearpolitics.com from last few days. Winner will be – #

07:28 ‘LHC day’ was highest profile physics event in history, 1 billion people read news of launch. Now, it’s broken tinyurl.com/3r62qh #

07:31 Doesn’t LHC have a surge protector? tinyurl.com/54jz5u #

07:34 watching a lot of Google.com domain people coming in on my blogpost "Google, Microsoft, and Medical Research" tinyurl.com/4oyxd7 #

08:33 Laughing with the Geeks: The funny geeks who read StackOverflow have been posting their “favo.. tinyurl.com/4gf437 #


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