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22:56 laptop in bed #

22:57 If Warren Buffett’s buying, I’m buying #

00:40 Company meeting, Craig Mundie: "One of the best ways to predict the future is to invent the future." Did Live Mesh, robotics, Windows 7, etc #

08:02 "Russian equities distressed…a collection of valuation anomalies rarely seen in any country in modern history." #

08:46 Working from home…. I also consider earlier hitting 3 golf balls into the lake "work" since I was able to assess their trajectory deltas #

09:32 my wife’s an exception, but "Lawyers Slow to Adopt New Tech – Web 2.0 Still a No-Go" esp’lly soc-nets. ABA Journal #

09:46 WallStreet computers "like a forecaster talking abt Hurricane Ike by giving average wind speed for previous month" #

10:03 follow-up meeting from NATO visit #

14:44 Some think that periodically fed’l agencies cleverly use quiet media campaign to achieve an institutional agenda #

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