Quick – What’s Your Idea to Improve Homeland Security?

If you have a brilliant idea for protecting Homeland Security – and your idea can stand up to competitive scrutiny – have I got a proposal for you. The well-respected Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation has extended its deadline for entries for their $25,000 Homeland Security Award program, presented by AgustaWestland (the helicopter giant). Darlene Cavalier of the Foundation asked me today to remind my readers: “Super simple online nomination process: Here’s the Award entry site, and no fee to enter. However, the deadline is this Friday, May 30 at 5pm EST.”

Quoting from the foundation, “The $25,000 Homeland Security Award is designed to encourage and promote cutting-edge innovation in the homeland security area to provide incentive for continuing research,” and it hopes the competition will “develop new concepts or inventions that will bring homeland security and stability to America and Americans, whether against threats from natural or man-made disasters, terrorists or cyberspace criminals.” 

The Christopher Columbus Foundation is a federally-administered Congressional creation designed to spark innovation, research, and new discoveries.  Their sponsor AgustaWestland works with DHS and Coast Guard, many state and local law enforcement agencies, and has now partnered with Lockheed Martin and Bell Helicopter in winning the much-touted next-generation Marine One Presidential helicopter program.  Their interest in promoting better homeland security practices is evident.  Competition entries are encouraged in the following areas: 

  • a) Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Chemical and Explosive Attacks;
  • b) Border and Transportation Security;
  • c) Emergency Responses to Natural and Man-Made Disasters;
  • d) Cyber Security and Information Sharing;
  • and the inevitable e) Other.

Very importantly, since I know you were wondering, “The Foundation does not claim ownership of the intellectual property submitted.”

Click the link above, read the guidelines, and consider sitting down tomorrow to fire off an entry.  

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