What If Microsoft Bought a Slice of Apple?

FACT: The amount commonly cited as Microsoft’s offer to buy Yahoo is $44 billion, though that fluctuates with Microsoft’s stock price, as one component of the offer is in stock. 

windows_vista_logo.jpgANALYSIS: How much is $44 billion?  It was Warren Buffett’s net worth two years ago when he decided to give most of it (85 percent) away; it was reportedly the annual budget of the U.S. intelligence community in 2005; it would pay for a full five years Universal Social Security coverage for all uncovered state and local government employees; it’s the total amount spent on illegal immigration enforcement by the federal government over the past two years

Microsoft has decided to offer that much for Yahoo, but I like really out-of-the-box thinking 🙂  And today I read a better idea for that money.

I’ve been spending more time in Redmond, at Microsoft headquarters, and here and there I’ve been reading other Microsoft coverage like the Seattle PI’s excellent (and often tough) coverage, and Redmond Magazine.  The latter’s editor in chief Doug Barney has a pretty interesting blog (named “Barney’s Rubble” which of course would appeal to a guy who named his own “Shepherd’s Pi”).

Barney has a better idea for Microsoft’s money: today his column is titled, “Forget Yahoo! Buy Mac.”  Here’s an except of his logic:

If Microsoft is adamant about buying an existing asset, I’ve got an idea that I’ll give away for free. Buy Apple’s Mac business. This may actually cost a tad more than Yahoo!, but it would be well worth it.

Despite what the pundits say, the Internet and cloud computing are not replacing our thick clients. Like my waist, thick clients are getting steadily thicker. Just look at Windows Vista, Mac OS X Leopard and even the GUIs on Linux distributions.

Microsoft should have the best thick-client OS in the world, and that means going with the best kernel that exists today: the same one used in Cupertino. Because they’d be buying that, why not just take the GUI and all the apps at the same time?

Cingular considering iTunes phone, report - MobileTracker

Well, I said it was outside the box.


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