From Microsoft’s Cloud – PopFly

I mentioned PopFly in my last post – many Web users are now beginning to appreciate how it enables the fun and ease of innovation for non-technical people. Go to and set up your own account (free of course), and you’ll be able to create usable, powerful “tools” out of the Cloud, or with your own data. 

You can browse the Public gallery of tools and mashups already created by others, and just rip their “code” for your own use.  That’s one example of using the Microsoft Cloud.

popfly-mashup-on-crime-rates-by-vinayd.jpgHere’s just one screenshot example, by a user going by VinayD, of the kind of innovative mashups non-technical people are creating using its hyper-intuitive, visual style; this is an example posted in the Public gallery (and in fact it has garnered a high five-star rating from other users).  It’s much easier and quicker than creating an old-style Google Maps mashup (that’s so 2006!).

What if such Cloud services were available inside an enterprise (or classified government) firewall?  Funny you should ask…

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  1. […] an early example of what will be many more . And it’s not the first one – I’ve been a big fan of Popfly, which also has been released, for free use, with no commercial big-bang play, but a real […]


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