The press of words… in WordPress

Fact: My Requirements & Research Group at DIA was asked to provide an assessment for the Intelligence Community’s Intelink blogging system – whether to stay with the original software adopted in 2005, or move to something a little more capable. We recommended WordPress, which has just been officially turned on.

Analysis: Getting ready to use WordPress as my own personal standard blog software here (used Blogger before)… imported some of the old stuff, yet it imperfectly stalled and wouldn’t cough up all of the old stuff. Came up with nifty new name for the blog. Composed nifty new banner/logo.

Hmmm… now just need to write content!

2 Responses

  1. WordPress plugins check out


  2. I like WordPress, more than what I used to use – have you tried any of the plug-ins, there are several to improve the import feature.


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